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Buying Food for Cat with Sensitive Stomach

All cat food items are not made the same. In fact, the majority of cat food products sold on the market use low-quality ingredients, which trigger digestive problems like sensitive stomach. Your cat’s digestive maladies could have links with an underlying health issue or there could be some shortcomings in its diet. Let’s explore the topic of cats and their sensitive stomachs and also discuss some of the best cat food for sensitive stomach.

Cat Sensitive Stomach Signs

Your cat coughing up hairball occasionally is not a matter of concern, since it could be the fallout of your pet accidentally ingesting hair during its grooming sessions. But if your pet is vomiting, experiencing diarrhea frequently, regurgitating undigested food, then you have reasons to worry.

If your cat exhibits one or more of the following signs, it most likely has a sensitive stomach problem.

  • Vomiting or regurgitating
  • Changes in stool
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Increased thirst
  • Poor coat condition
  • Unexplained weight loss. Recurrent skin issues

If you see any of the above symptoms in your cat, find out whether they’re chronic or acute. Acute digestive problems arise suddenly. Chronic issues, on the other hand, develop over a period.

In acute digestive upset cases, it could be due to modifications in its diet, intestinal disease, infection, or stress. A sensitive stomach or food allergies are more likely to cause chronic digestive problems.

Food for Cats with a Sensitive Stomach

If your cat has digestive problems, confirm the same first with the help of a veterinarian. If the vet confirms that your cat’s problems are related to its food, the next step would be to revamp the cat’s eating habits.

The following are some things you may look for in food for cats with a sensitive stomach:

  • Natural, wholesome ingredients
  • Healthy fats (which includes omega fatty acids)
  • High-quality protein from an animal source (ideally one source)
  • Nutritionally balanced and complete
  • Zero artificial additives, by-products, or fillers
  • Beneficial supplements (such as probiotics)

Now that you have learned what could be causing stomach sensitivity issues in your cat and what type of food to choose for the cat, let’s take a look at some of the readily available cat food for sensitive stomach on the market.

Purine ONE Sensitive Systems

If your budget is limited, Purina ONE Sensitive Systems would be an ideal choice. Devised for cats battling sensitive stomachs and skin, this dry cat food comprises all essential minerals and vitamins to strengthen the immune system of your cat and aid digestion.

Turkey, a rich source of protein, is the major ingredient in this food product. Some healthy amount of carbohydrates is also thrown in. The product has absolutely zero fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Not to mention, the crunchy kibbles mitigate zero plaque buildup. Most importantly, vets recommend this food for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach

Ideal for older cats, Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach is another solid food option for cats with a sensitive stomach. It derives its protein content from chicken. If your cat is allergic to chicken, you may skip this food option.

But if your cat enjoys chicken, this food is ideal and offers probably the best value for money. This dry cat food comprises LifeSource Bits, which is a unique formula that perfectly combines minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Also, it has FOS prebiotics that helps with nutrient absorption. There are also omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. As expected, there are no artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, soy, corn, or wheat.

Hill’s Science Plan

Hill’s Science is a trusted name in the pet nutrition industry. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see a Hill’s Science product making it onto this list. The product’s dual-action formula isn’t just gentle on the sensitive stomach of your cat, but it also nourishes its coat and skin, from within.

With vitamins E and C part of this antioxidant blend, you can be certain of your cat getting the nutrition it requires for a robust and healthy immune and digestive system.

The food is in the form of disk-shaped kibbles, which helps with chewing and digestion. Also, there are zero artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavors in this recipe.

Royal Canine Feline Health

Unlike cat foods on this list, this cat food from Royal Canine is a wet formula. It comprises a solid blend of all necessary minerals and nutrients that help keep your pet healthy. The food is also easily digestible. Its high protein content aids with muscle growth and overall energy levels.

You may feed this formula to your cat directly or mix it with other dry cat food. Not to mention, the gravy is delicious.

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