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Finding the Best, Healthiest cat Food

Just like human beings, cats need a balanced diet to avoid illness and remain healthy. While dry foods tend to contain less moisture and more carbohydrates than cats ought to consume, they are easy to store, less expensive and have a longer shelflife, in comparison to wet foods. Because all cats are unique, there is not one single type of dry food that is superior to others. Health considerations, allergies, cost and the preferences of your pet will have to be factored in as well, to determine the most suitable food for your cat. Here are some best cat healthiest cat food suggestions that will give your growing cat the nutrition it requires:

Kitten Chicken Recipe by Hill’s Science Diet

Vets have endorsed Hill’s Science Diet as the leading brand for cat food. The company’s products are formulated by teams of food scientists, top nutritionists and vets. This food contains wholesome animal protein that is food your kitten can digest easily and use. In addition, there are lots of minerals, amino acids and vitamins crammed into this product. What it does not contain is any preservatives, or artificial colors or flavoring. This food tastes wonderful, thanks to the chicken. The E and C vitamins boost the immune system of your kitten, and naturally preserve the product. This food contains natural DHA, which facilitates eye and brain development. The vitamins and antioxidants are scientifically proven to support a strong immune system. Kittens are extremely fragile during their first year, so any extra protection is fantastic. Nursing and pregnant cats can eat this food too, due to its’ high nutritional value.

Indoor Chicken cat Food by BLUE Wilderness

Free of grains, tasty and filled with protein, the dry cat food from Blue Wilderness is ‘cold formed’, which a process that preserves the ingredient’s nutritional benefits, by avoiding excessive heat. The source of every amino acid, protein and fat is clearly listed in its’ ingredients, so customers can be confident that they are naturally sourced. Also, the manufacturer states that the food has no artificial colors or flavoring, or any soy or wheat in it. Better still, it is completely free of grains, so if your pet has a grain allergy, you can give it this food to eat with no issues.

Dry Cat Food by Orijen

Cat food from Orijen comes in a 5.4 kg bag, which makes it more affordable than many other products on the market. It has the correct balance of carbohydrates, micronutrients and proteins to help your pet achieve a healthy lean body weight. Customers who have bought this product often comment that their cats remain interested in this dry food — something that other kibble brands can not claim. Moreover, it has greater nutritional density, in comparison to other products. Make sure you note the advice about feeding though, because it might differ slightly. Only real, good quality chicken meat is used in this natural cat food. As well as improving your cat’s general health, it will fortify its’ urinary tract and digestive system.

Dry cat Food by Purina Cat Chow Naturals

Currently, Purina Cat Chow Naturals has sold more dry cat food than any other company. This is hardly surprising, given that it sells food that keeps hairballs under control effectively — thanks to its’ high natural fiber content. Only real meat is included in its’ products and no artificial preservatives or flavors are used. Every ingredient is clearly displayed on the product label. The meat that this food contains gives your pet the organic, animal sourced protein it needs to be healthy. Frequently, dry cat food uses inferior, plant based proteins, however this product contains lots of animal derived proteins. Furthermore, by measuring the portions correctly, you could use this food to control the weight of your cat, because the 358 kcal per cup serving is extremely modest. The caloric density of this product is low, so your pet will feel fuller after eating fewer calories. Like the majority of products from Purina, this one is available in a range of formulas and flavors – each intended for cats of various weights and ages.

Final Thoughts

Dry food should be the cornerstone of your cat’s diet. Selecting a good quality food will make your cat healthier now and in future. Striking the right balance between wholesome ingredients, calories, texture, price and taste is a challenge, but certainly worth doing! Take heed of the above advice, and your cat will thank you for it.

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