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Grain Free Dog Food: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Is Grain Free Dog Food healthy For Your Dog?

As an individual, it is essential to be more conscious of your dietary choices and what you should consume to meet your needs. Because pets are, to an extent, members of our family, you should be concerned whether you’re availing them the right food as well.

They should be as healthy as you are. When choosing the best food for your pet, you have to ask important questions like, “What purpose is this particular food serving to my pet?” “Is it meeting my pet’s needs?”

If you’re a dog owner, you will notice healthier nutritional options for your canine in the pet aisle. One of the latest shifts in pet nutrition is the incline towards grain free dog food. These being the best and amazing gifts you can give your pets.

If you take a quick look at dog food labels, you will see some of the following ingredients:

  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Oats

As much as grains provide carbohydrates, which give your dog energy, are they essential in your canine’s food? There many options for feeding your pet energy, such as providing them alternative sources like potatoes, lentils, and pea flour. But what if your pet has grain allergies? You need to visit the animal vet for testing if your dog has any form of allergies. There are benefits of grain-free dog food. Before dog food was packaged in bags and personalized into various foods and treats, canines typically hunted and consumed raw, protein-rich bites. When to work dow to it, have you seen wolves grazing in a field of grass? Grain free dog food imitates canines’ natural diet.

Some of the benefits of grain-free dog food include:

A number of these foods have extra protein, and animal fats which make them easily digested

They assist in keeping the dog fuller for longer compared to foods that have grain. This results in fewer feeds (which is excellent because foods containing grain can be more costly)

They can reduce allergies in your dogs

Due to ingesting grain-free foods, stools will be fewer and smaller. (Because of eating less)

They prevent excessive shedding

Reduction of intestinal gas or flatulence (dog farts, anyone?)

The coat and skin of your dog becomes much healthier and shinier

It is essential to view ingredients on dog food labels. If they include soy, corn, or wheat as one of the first ingredients, then you have to think about slowly moving to a recipe that factors protein as the principal ingredient.

Few tips you can use when selecting the best grain free dog foods

It should contain as much meat as possible. It’s also important to consider the type of meat your canine will be getting.

It shouldn’t contain any meat meal. This is highly processed and very hard to digest. If the food is indigestible it means the dog will have health problems.

Check the carbohydrate content. It should be very little and free of rice. This is because rice is quickly digested, and arsenic levels may be high. Beware of filler ingredients. These are things like apple, egg, spinach. They usually appear after the first three ingredients and are not the best quality.

Here’s a list of great grain-free dog food products that you may want to check out:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness high protein adult dog food. This product goes for $ 44.15 and contains chicken, healthy carbohydrate options such as sweet potatoes and peas, which will assist with your adult dogs’ energy needs. It does not have a meat meal.

Naked Essentials Dog Food. This grain-free dog food goes for $23.74 and is dense with lentils, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas. It is an excellent product for dogs at all stages of life. The first ingredient is real meat. Naked Essentials Dog Food is available in different recipes like Chicken+Duck, Lamb+Bison, and Salmon+Trout. A plus is that it has added Prebiotics and Probiotics.

Wag Dry Dog food. This product goes for $45.99 and comes in many great flavors like turkey, beef, lamb, salmon, and chicken. It is excellent for your pups as it contains salmon oil and flaxseed, which are great for omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the ingredients include lentils, which are a great alternative to carbohydrates.

Perfection grain free dog food. At $15.20, you get real chicken, turkey, and salmon for your pets’ dinner. It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are great for your dogs’ coat and skin. This food makes dogs appearance pleasing with smooth, far.

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