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the Best Kitten Food for 2020

The young ones of most species are adorable and cute. If you plan to bring home a kitten, you will need to consider the best kitten food. Ideally, the young one should be fed its mother’s milk for the first four weeks, and after that kitten food can slowly be introduced into its diet.

Kittens Need a Lot of Energy

In the first few weeks after its birth, a kitten is likely to gain twice or even thrice of its birth weight. Its energy requirements are far higher than that of an adult cat, and hence you will need to choose the best kitten food accordingly. Kittens are tiny creatures, and cannot take in too many calories at each meal time. And so, they need to be fed at least three or four times in a day.

Some experts believe in the concept of ‘free feed’ when it comes to a kitten’s nutrition. This essentially involves leaving the kitten food available to the animal throughout the day. This ensures that the kitten does not rush the process of eating at a designated feeding time. It is a good option for underweight kittens, or those that seem to be growing slowly. It is not ideal for overweight or obese kittens.

Choosing the Best Kitten Food

When you are out shopping for the best kitten food, you will find that there is too much choice. There are countless brands that offer a wide range of foods for cats. Some businesses market the same product for cats and kittens. It is vital that you opt for food that is especially created to fulfil the nutritional requirements of kittens.

When choosing food for your kitten, do pay attention to three key factors. These include the ingredients, brand reputation and customer reviews. It is not a good idea to offer your pet home food, as it often lacks in key vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper growth.
Take the time to read the ingredients listed on the product. It is best to choose products that offer details about the source of nutrition. For instance, products that specify the source of protein such as lamb or salmon, or the specific organ such as liver, are worth your consideration. Kitten food is usually enriched with taurine, an essential amino acid that facilitates better digestion, vision and heart function.

Dry or Wet Kitten Food

You can choose from dry as well as wet kitten food. If you intend to leave the food out for your kitten to eat when it is hungry, do keep in mind that dry food takes far longer to spoil as compared to the wet kind. Ideally, pet owners prefer to offer their pets both dry as well wet food, so as to offer variety. It is also important that your kitten drinks adequate amounts of water to keep it well hydrated.

Fancy Feast Kitten by Purina

Purina offers its Fancy Feast range for kittens, which are made with real milk. The range includes chicken, salmon, turkey and whitefish feasts, all created to suit the palate and nutritional needs of kittens. The pate like texture of the food is easy for the young cats to eat and enjoy.

Royal Canin Mother & Babycat

The Mother and Babycat range of food is meant for mother cats and for kittens that are in the age group of one to four months old. The soft mousse in a sauce is developed to offer kittens a gentle transition from mother’s milk to solid foods. This is considered as one of the best kitten food because it is rich in nutrients and prebiotics that support optimal growth. The food is formulated to promote good digestive health, as well as boost the young cat’s immune system. It is also ideal for pregnant and nursing mother cats. The brand also offers other products for older kittens.

Purina Kitchen Chow

The Purina Kitchen Chow Nurture formula receives a five star rating not only from pet owners, but from the pets themselves. It is found that picky and finicky kittens also enjoy this food. This kitten food contains all the essential nutrients that are naturally present in a cat’s milk. The protein in the kitten food is sourced from real chicken, and it also contains fish meal, ground wheat and rice and soy flour.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo offers the Wilderness, grain free, high protein dry food, especially formulated for young cats. This product is considered to be one of the best kitten foods available today. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals that support the kitten’s natural growth. The protein in the kitten food is sourced from deboned chicken, and the carbohydrates from sweet potatoes.

Shopping online for the best kitten food is not only convenient and economical, but also helps you choose from the very best products available in the market. Customer reviews offer a balanced account of what you can expect, and make an informed choice.

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