Why is Grain-Free Cat Food All the Rage?

Grain-free cat feed is considered one of the ideal food options for your cat, and there are solid reasons why that is so. But if you have had this tradition of feeding grains to your cat, moving to a grain-free cat diet may sound like a major shift. If you’re on the fence and would like to know more about grain-free cat food before adopting the same, keep reading.

Reasons Why Grain-Free Food Would Benefit Your Cat

Grain-free food for cats boasts three major characteristics that make them sought after.

• Protein Content

Just like their distant wild cousins, cats are carnivores by design. Scientifically speaking, your cat thrives on an animal protein-rich diet. Though your cat is not going to be as active as tigers and other wild members of its bigger family, it still needs its daily protein dose. Cat food that’s rich in animal protein would offer your pet the essential amino acids it needs. And it doesn’t matter whether the food comprises grains.

So, what is the correlation between “grain-free” and protein? It’s simple. When there are no grains in your cat’s diet, there is more room for protein. And this means your pet’s daily protein requirements invariably get fulfilled.

• Lesser Carbs

Low-carbohydrate diets are quite popular among humans. But cats have been surviving without carbs for ages. While wild cats’ natural diet is varied, the evolution of cats was primarily dependent on whatever kill they were able to make. In other words, carbohydrates were never part of their primary course. Carbohydrates in the form of wheat, barley, corn, soy, and rice constitute a minor portion of any cat’s diet. Also, cutting grains out isn’t the only way to eliminate carbs from a cat’s diet. Reducing other carbohydrate-rich food or ingredients such as peas, lentils, and potatoes is equally important.

• Ideal for Food-Sensitive Cats

Another advantage of a cat diet devoid of grains is they could help felines that have food sensitivity issues or certain food allergies. The food sensitivity could show up as digestive or skin symptoms such as loose stools or excessive itchiness. If your kitten is confirmed to be allergic to a specific type of grain, it’s highly advised that you cut that particular grain out of your cat’s food. Grains such as wheat are usually the most common cat food allergens. This means if your cat has grain sensitivity, it’s recommended to not feed your cat with grains, particularly wheat. Even if a veterinarian hasn’t detected any grain allergies in your cat, you should still consider a grain-free kitten food if you start to notice any food allergy-associated symptoms.

If your cat is allergic to grains, you may start with grain-free food for your cat as a DIY measure. Continue the diet for a few weeks and check if the symptoms go. This method is extremely simple and veterinarian-recommended to ascertain if your pet cat is truly allergic to grains.

Grain-Free Cat Food Options

If you’re out in the market looking for some solid grain-free cat food products, you can get started with the following.

Wellness Dry Cat Food

This cat food is made for adult cats. It has five major markers of healthy nutrition: probiotics and prebiotics, essential minerals and vitamins, fatty acids, fiber, and healthy proteins. The major or first two ingredients on the package are turkey and de-boned chicken. The readable ingredient list is proof that the package contains real food and is also grain-free. The product bag is massive and should come good for long.

Taste of the Wild

This natural, high-protein dry cat food is available in either a 12- or five-pound bag. It has real protein – which includes salmon, trout, venison, and chicken – offering your cat an optimal dosage of amino acids. Moreover, this highly digestible cat food comprises low-GI carbs in the form of raspberries, peas, and blueberries. A balanced and complete meal with good-quality meat and other natural ingredients is essential for the digestive system of an adult cat. This dry cat food manages to offer that. Not to mention, the food tastes great.

Fromm FourStar Dry Cat Food

FourStar is a dry kibble choice with unique attributes. Besides turkey and duck, this cat food also packs in pheasant and quail meat – a combination that you may not find in cat food products from other brands. Most people who bought this dry cat food have reported shinier and fuller coats in their pets within a few days of use. Some even noticed their pets shedding less hair than before, which could be thanks to the proliferation of healthy hair and skin follicles in the pet.

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